Committee Chairs:

Alan R. Jeskey, Lorrie Jeskey | email

All applicants are required to attend an orientation class prior to being considered for membership. For a schedule and more information (including membership rates), please see our events calendar here.

To request a tour of the facilities prior to membership, please contact the Membership Committee Chairman.

Approval Process:

1. Orientation

Overview of the club and the rules. Held on the second Saturday of every month. Required to move to the next step. Your membership dues will be collected at this point (rates are prorated based on calendar month).

2. Board of Directors (BOD)

Once Orientation is completed, the BOD will review the application and vote. BOD Meetings are held on the last Wednesday of the month. (You do not need to attend this meeting.)

3. General Membership Vote

Prospective members who have been successfully voted in by the BOD will be brought forward to the General Membership Meeting for a vote. These meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month. Approved applicants will be issued their keys and probationary member card. Please plan to attend this meeting, it starts at 7pm.

Probationary members must complete 10 volunteer hours at HRG and 4 hours at a major event. Probationary Members can “Opt-Out” for $100. If you do not complete the hours, you may be assessed $100 in addition to your renewal fee to continue your membership.

Probationary members must also attend 3 General Membership meetings in their first year. Be sure to sign in at the meetings. There is no “Opt-Out” option for this.

Membership Types

The membership in the club shall be as follows: